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Jordan Support to Private Sector Employment and Skills & Labor Management Procedure

Project Description :

Jordan's economy encountered numerous obstacles within the last decade, where despite the 3.2% GDP growth, the national economy's growth rate reduced and contracted by 1.8%, and unemployment reached 25% remaining unchanged in the year 2020, with females and youth being the most affected by the impact of those economic challenges. 
The challenge of reducing unemployment rates is a national responsibility, particularly in the context of the Corona Pandemic. Therefore, it is critical to ensure the integration of all employment programs and projects implemented by all parties, as well as work to institutionalize the public-private partnership in the areas of training and employment strategies. Accordingly, the Jordanian government approved the National Employment Program that aims to decrease the supply-demand gap and design training programs to meet the requirements of the local and international demand-driven labor market, resulting in providing fair employment prospects for qualified and trained individuals in the private sector.

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