The Golden List

In the conviction of the Ministry of Labor in strengthening the principle of partnership with the private sector on the basis of joint responsibility and cooperation in the spirit of one team, encouraging investment and enhancing national economic growth by facilitating the procedures for the recruitment and use of expatriate workers;
The Jordanian Ministry of Labor has initiated the implementation of the Golden List Program project, which is a Code of Practice developed on the basis of a commitment to the application of basic international labor standards. The Ministry of Labor, by virtue of this program, applies modern techniques to assess the extent to which companies applying for this program comply with work requirements and approved international labor conditions and standards through actual auditing of performance of the companies and their compliance with the standards and mechanisms approved for this program, in coordination and continuous consultation with them.

The idea of ​​the Golden List came to follow up on commitment of the companies to implement the provisions of the Jordanian Labor Law, such as commitment to wages, working hours, overtime and providing decent work terms and conditions.

Any company that is placed on the Golden List after fulfilling all the conditions referred to, is granted an exemption from the bank guarantee stipulated in the instructions of the Labor Law in the event that the employer wishes to recruit and use expatriate workers.
Any company wishing to join the Golden List to benefit from the benefits offered is required to submit a letter of desire to the Minister of Labor, accompanied by a statement of salaries of the employees of the company wishing to join, a copy of employment contract of the labour, a copy of the last report issued by the auditors of the purchaser and an audited budget from the company.

In addition, the company provides a certificate stating that all employees of the company are affiliated with social security, a profession license, beside a list of the names of expatriate workers, their work permit numbers and their validity period, in addition to the company signing an agreement to train and employ Jordanians with the National Training and Employment Project.

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