About Work Relationships Directorate

About the Directorate

contribution to preparation of the strategic and executive plans in the Ministry that deals with labor relations, supervising all work related to trade unions and employers’ unions, in addition supervision of solving the labor disputes, and contribute to enhancing stability and job security for workers in institutions of the private sector by building good working relationships between the three production parties. Furthermore, providing a positive work environment in the institutions, and supervising the termination and suspension of work contracts in the institutions in the interest of both parties.

The main functions of the Directorate according to the departments

First: Labor Disputes Department

  1. Following up on strikes and labor sit-ins that occur in all regions of the Kingdom.
  2. Following up on settlement of labor disputes amicably through conciliation procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law.
  3. Education and awareness-raising for labour, employers and unions regarding collective negotiations and drafting agreements.
  4. Depositing collective work contracts and publishing them in the Official Gazette.
  5. Providing support to the Labor Court and following up on its sessions.
  6. Following up on the work and meetings of the Tripartite Committee for Labor Affairs.
  7. Working on developing, strengthening and improving working relations between the parties to production.
  8. Cooperating and coordinating with the General Federation of Trade Unions, employers' unions and any other party concerned with labor affairs and issues in order to reach optimal working relations.
  9. Recording collective agreements, settlement decisions, labor court sentences, keeping records and their restrictions.

Second: Department of Trade Unionism Activity

  1. Registering and supervising trade unions and employers’ unions in accordance with the provisions permitted by the Labor Law.
  2. Issuing union registration certificates and issuing letters to banks to approve the signatures of administrative authorities.
  3. Attending meetings in unions in connection with elections, if the bylaws stipulate them.
  4. Settlement of disputes that reach unions between administrative authorities.
  5. Providing assistance and advice to any union, if it requested it, in developing or amending its draft bylaw in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law, and approving that bylaw or any amendments that occurred to it after its approval by the general assembly of the concerned union.

Contract termination and/or suspension committee

Carrying out all procedures related to the termination or suspension of work contracts for an indefinite period based on the Article 31 of Labor Law No. (8) of 1996 and its amendments by registering and transferring them to the committee formed for this purpose, following up on the committee’s recommendations in this regard and providing the concerned parties with the resolution of the Minister issued in their regard.


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