About the Ministry

The establishment and development of the ministry

The Ministry of Social Affairs was established in 1951, which included a special section for workers to supervise the union organization. In 1960, the first labor department was established in implementation of the provisions of Labor Law No. 21 of 1960, where the name of work was added to the Ministry of Social Affairs, in appreciation of the government for the great role that It is carried out by the workforce in the process of economic and social development. The Ministry of Labor was established as an independent ministry in the year 1976 AD according to its organization system No. (40) for the year 1976 AD.

Since its establishment, the Ministry has been responsible for achieving the general objectives of labor and workers affairs in the Kingdom. In order to keep pace with social and economic developments, Labor Law No. (8) for the year 1996 AD was issued, and an administrative organization system for the Ministry was established No. (38) for the year 1994 AD and its amendments.

The Ministry of Labor is one of the service ministries that seeks to provide services to citizens, and among the most prominent services that the Ministry provides are services (supervising labor and workers affairs, contributing to the organization of the Jordanian labor market, employing Jordanians at home and abroad ... etc.).

Ministry tasks

  • Supervising the affairs of work and workers and exercising all the powers and responsibilities related to these affairs and stipulated in all other legislations.
  • Taking care of Jordanian workers outside the Kingdom, developing work relations with the countries receiving them, organizing affairs related to foreign workers inside the Kingdom, supervising them and determining their work conditions.
  • Organizing the Jordanian labor market and setting the necessary instructions to provide job and employment opportunities for Jordanians inside and outside the Kingdom, in cooperation with the competent authorities.
  • Registration of trade unions and employers unions.
  • Contribute and participate in the work of the Tripartite Committee in order to enable the Committee to carry out the tasks and powers entrusted to it and contained in the Law of the Tripartite Committee for Labor Affairs No. (21) of 2012 and the Labor Law.
  • The Ministry is responsible for providing job opportunities for Jordanians inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Developing cooperation and coordination with Arab and international labor organizations in a way that serves the labor sector.


An effective labor market with qualified and productive national labor in a stable and safe work environment.


Regulating and developing the labor market within best practices and ensuring equal opportunities through the use of qualified and productive national labor and the creation of an integrated system of standards, policies and control tools in accordance with a participatory approach with the relevant official institutions, the private sector and social partners.

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