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First Women's Forum

  • On the occasion of World Women’s Day, the Ministry of Labor held the First Women’s Forum (Together towards improving the position of Jordanian women in the labor market) in cooperation with the European project (Technical Support for the Work Skills and Social Integration Program) on Tuesday 06/03/2018 at the Landmark Hotel.
  • The most prominent achievements and challenges facing the participation of Jordanian women in the labor market were highlighted, as the most important initiatives aimed at improving the position of Jordanian women in the labor market and empowering them, enhancing their participation and involvement in economic life and employment were presented, by discussing two topics: Cooperatives and Nurseries and their role in increasing the percentage of women's participation in the labor market.
  • During the forum, the first nursery school was opened inside a hotel in Jordan, which was established in the Landmark Hotel out of their social responsibility and contribution to supporting working women.
  • On the sidelines of the forum, an exhibition was organized to market self-employment products for a group of women working in the field of light handicrafts, such as embroidery, accessories, soap, home food...etc. and the participation of the Vocational Training Corporation.

Exhibitions for marketing women's products

  • Since 2014, the Ministry has started implementing several marketing exhibitions for the products of women working in self-employment to enable women to market their products and integrate them into the labor market.
  • Number of exhibitions implemented to date has reached 11 exhibitions. Free counters are provided for the participating women, beside transportation them from the labor directorates in the governorates to the exhibition location and back, furthermore, the provision of basic services to the participants (drinking water, public utilities).
  • Each exhibition targeted 100-120 women from different governorates of the Kingdom, where products that are manufactured by women (such as embroidery, food and sweets, crockery and straw, accessories, and cosmetic industries) were displayed.
  • In the field of gender
  • A team was formed in the Ministry to analyze the reality of gender.
  • It was coordinated with the USAID-funded Gender/ Integration Project to raise the capabilities of the gender analysis team with quantitative and qualitative analysis skills to prepare the gender audit report in the Ministry.
  • The team, in cooperation with the Integration Project, was able to prepare a draft report on the reality of gender justice in the work of the Ministry of Labor. Preparing two quantitative and qualitative reports for the work of the human resources system in the Ministry.

In the field of flexible work

  • Based on the directives of the Prime Minister, on 11/01/2016 a national committee was formed to study the issue related to the implementation of the flexible work system for women headed by the Minister of Labour.
  • The Committee held four main meetings, in addition to a consultative session on the legal arrangements for non-traditional modes of work (flexible work).
  • Preparing a research study in cooperation with the Manpower Development Project in Jordan, with the aim of exploring the best legislative solutions for flexible work.
  • Conducting a study of the application of the flexible work system in some Arab countries through reports received from labor advisors in Jordanian embassies abroad (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain).
  • Preparing a technical report on the flexible work system, its forms, objectives, and its applicability in Jordan.
  • The draft of the flexible work system in the private sector has been submitted to the Legislation and Opinion Bureau in the Prime Minister's Office and the memorandum of legislative statements and the reasons to proceed with the procedures issued in accordance with the rules.

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