Ministry of Labor organizes a dialogue session with media and e-influencers on labor market situation and opportunities.

Ministry of Labor had organized on Tuesday  a dialogue session with media persons working at various media outlets, as well as social media influences discussing the situation and job opportunities of the labor market.

Minister of Labor Nayef Isteitieh stated that organization of this dialogue sessionis a result of the Ministry’s belief to enhance partnership with media persons and social media influencers. The purpose of the meeting was to educate them on the role and mandate of the Ministry and its various directorates of services provided to citizens.

Isteitieh stressed the importance of media to highlight the role of Ministry and services offered as stipulated in the law; in particular organization of labor market, oversight, inspection, occupational safety and health, labor relations, labor conflict resolution, production branches, and organization of migrant labor force affairs.

The Minister reviewed future plans, directions, projects and key priorities of the Ministry that are being implemented to provide job opportunities for Jordanians. He further stressed efforts exerted to enhance and develop technical and vocational training system. He stated that the Ministry is keen to communicate with citizens in the field in response to the directions of HM King Abdallah II; in addition that media is a basic partner in introducing the Ministry of needs of citizens.

During the dialogue session, each director of the Ministry’s directorates had briefed the audience on services offered to citizens, and later heard suggestions for service development.

Participants of the media session presented several suggestions and recommendations to enhance partnership with Ministry of Labor. They stressed the importance of organization of similar sessions with government ministries and institutions to learn more of roles and services offered to citizens.

A media participant stated that such meetings contribute easy communication with the Ministry and help learn more on labor market organization and services offered to citizens.

A female media participant described the session that it was fruitful, and helped educate on plans and projects of Ministry of Labor, and roles of its directorates. She said that the media welcomes continuous communication with various institutions

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