Minister of Labour announces creation of more than 20 thousand job opportunities for Jordanians at the Private Sector through the National Employment Program

HE Nayef Istaitieh Minister of Labour announced that the Private Sector had provided 20,445 job opportunities for Jordanian job seekers through the National Employment Program (Tashgeel) which was launched by the Government earlier last April.
During a press conference held today Sunday, Istaitieh stated that Tashgeel program aims to provide around 60 thousand job opportunities to Jordanian male and female youths. Beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund may benefit of the offered opportunities without suspension of aid received for a percentage of around 7%. He added that percentage of females benefitting from this program may reach 35%.
Istaitieh pointed out that any private sector establishment may join to benefit from the program on condition it is registered at the Social Security Corporation. Furthermore, any institution in all governorates of all service, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and other sectors may register at this program with unlimited number of jobs.
HE the Minister indicated that main activities implemented since program launching were training of staff of MOL Employment Directorate and 192 liaison officers from program-related agencies, as well as conducting 1,520 visits to private sector to private sector establishment to introduce the program, and organization of several workshops targeting employers’ representatives.
He further noted that total jobs needed are as flows: 12,523 for under high school level, 5,417 for high school level, 300 for vocational training level, 522 for diploma level, and 1,683 for university undergraduate and graduate levels.
He added that implementation of the program shall be starting tomorrow Monday to cover all governorates. Teams shall orient establishments on ways to benefit from the program and assist them on identification of their workers’ needs of all sectors, in addition to help youth register for available opportunities.
From his side, Jordan Chamber of Commerce Vice President Jamal Alrifaei stressed the importance of the program in supporting the trade sector to be provided by qualified and competent staff and offering job opportunities to Jordanian male and female youths. He noted that the sector employs more than 535 thousand Jordanian workers.

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