Directorate of Migrant Labor

Key objectives

  1. Controlling the labor market in Jordan, and replacing the expatriate labor with Jordanian labor.

  2. Regulating the affairs of expatriate workers.
  3. Following up the transactions and providing investment services to the companies registered with the Jordan Investment Commission.

Directorate’s major achievements

  1. Updating the decision regarding the closed occupations, permitted occupations, occupations permitted under certain conditions, restricted occupations, and specialized skills occupations.
  2. Covering non-Jordanian workers with the social insurance at the agricultural establishments that hire over three workers. 
  3. Unifying the work permit fees across the economic sectors and activities, and reducing the work permit fees.
  4. Introducing three fee groups for specialized skills work permits (one year, six months, three months).
  5. Issuing bases for issue of work permits for non-Jordanians who have specialized skills for 2021.
  6. Activating the work permit renewal services via the online permit system
  7. Activating the exit and return permission service for non-Jordanian workers via the online permit system.
  8. Activating the change of employer service via the online permit system/ phase II of the project.


  • 333295 non-Jordanian workers received work permits from 1/1/2021 until 31/12/2021.

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